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Red Hairing: A Batwoman Podcast

Jan 19, 2020

Shelley and Erin talk about the final two hours of Crisis on Infinite Earths. As you can probably guess, we are dying to see Lena and know what she’s up to after retaining her memories on Earth Prime. We love to hate Lex, but we need him to bounce over to Superman and Lois (#NoPodThough). We have a lot of questions and a few hot takes about the things left out of the resolution to Crisis, but we’re still glad it happened and that you all stuck with us while we spiraled into our Crisis obsession. Our apologies for some of the sound glitches in this episode – we are currently breaking up with the way we record our episodes and will have a post-breakup sound glow up once we find a new recording software on Tinder. We’re looking for one who loves dogs and has a good sense of humor. Did we take this metaphor too far? Probably. 

You can find us on Twitter! Shelley is @schop23 and Erin is @erniegreenbean. The show’s Twitter pages are @RedHairingPod and @PodOffCourse, and you can also contact us at and