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Red Hairing: A Batwoman Podcast

Apr 1, 2020

We discuss Batwoman season 1, episode 16 “Through the Looking Glass.” This episode hurt all of Shelley’s feelings and Erin’s one feeling. We discuss Kate’s betrayal of Alice, whether Kate is right to be concerned about turning into her sister, and what might become of Alice now that her last glimpse of sanity appears to have been erased. Meanwhile, Julia is back, and she makes out with someone, but not the someone we thought it would be. Luke uncovers a conspiracy regarding the murder of his father, and we have no idea who to trust.  

You can find us on Twitter! Shelley is @schop23 and Erin is @erniegreenbean. The show’s Twitter pages are @RedHairingPod and @PodOffCourse, and you can also contact us at and  


Erin – The Spy Who Dumped Me -

Shelley – Free Audiobooks on Audible -